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Maison Parel operates a wine distribution business in France and to overseas countries. Our wine portfolio focus onto confidential properties and extends over time and encounters with new passionate winemakers.

We collaborate with producers in love with their terroir, offering them fair partnerships to develop their sales in their home markets or abroad.


Our aim is to promote the beauty and diversity of French wine-growing regions. This is why we also create our own wine brands, conveying our ideal vision of the wine for each terroir. 

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Notre équipe



Manager & Partner

Corentin is the manager and co-founder of Maison Parel.
Originally from Aix les Bains, this native of the country does everything to promote the good wines of our selection, as well as the winegrowers behind them.

Dedicated, invested and passionate, always on the lookout for new incredible products, he closely follows your deliveries to allow you to taste as quickly as possible.

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Edwige is the agent for Maison Parel in Savoie / Isère.

Originally from Aix les Bains, Savoyard father and southerner mother, this passionate about travel lived all over the world before returning to our sacred mountains.


She is doing everything she can to allow Maison Parel to expand its network and showcase its special selection.  


Passionate, sociable and involved, it is natural that she maintains a great bond with our customers.

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Web Project Manager

Anouk is the digital project manager for Maison Parel. 

Originally from the Ile de Ré, it was in Chile that this adventurous woman became particularly interested in the wine industry. 

She draws inspiration from her various encounters and experiences to help you discover our selection in a fun, original and modern way.
Connected, dynamic and concerned, she tries to communicate our passion to you.

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